Welcome to Super-Hero 100lvl server:
This mod is the embodiment of all the comic book and fantasy abnormal programmers.
Here are collected many heroes with their incredible abilities. 100 levels are available to you.
At each level, you can take one of the super heroes abilities, and create your character with skills, which could not have dreamed of the most avid fan of the comic book.
The higher a player whose level you kill, the more given exp. For the murder of his players also subtract exp.
Basic commands:
/superherohelp or / help - the help window.
/herolist - Displays a list of characters and their strength.
/playerskills - Shows what skills other players have chosen.
/playerlevels - Indicates what level the other players.
/myheroes - Shows what heroes you have chosen and their strength.
/clearpowers - Use it to destroy the forces of your heroes. (Reset the characters and choose again)
/showmenu - Displays the menu of force, if you have the opportunity to choose a hero.
/drop <name_of_hero> - Use this to select another character. (Eg / drop naruto, naruto will clean and allows you to select another character)
/whohas <Imya_geroya> - This will show any selected character.
/helpon - including assistance (by default, is displayed when you killed).
/helpoff - Disable support (the default is displayed when you killed).

To activate the active skills necessary to bind a button, in the console write:
bind alt + power1
bind v + power2
bind shift + power3
(Or any other key which you prefer)
Price List on Super-Hero 100lvl server:
On the server, the game starts with 30 levels.

Buy Level:50 - 3$     
Buy Level:80 - 7$     
Buy Level:60 - 4$     
Buy Level:90 - 10$     
Buy Level:70 - 5$     
Administrator Contact: bogdan.stamov@mail.ru

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